About us

Jambr Organix

Jambr Organix is family owned and operated. We have shared the countless benefits to these products with our friends, family and loved ones. After creating our own with the best quality we now share it with the world.

We’re inspired by Dr.Sebi, which is known to have strong beliefs in natural medicine. We now strive to spread the good news and highest quality products.

Our goal is mainly to spread awareness to better health options for a longer and healthier life. We strive to continue to change the lives of the people we connect with.

We strive to create the Highest Quality all Natural all Organic Products. Our chief aim is to meet or exceed your expectations on every shopping experience. That’s why we exclusively create superior quality for superior taste. Jambr Organix washes and makes there Sea Moss with alkaline water measured at 9.5 pH to produce the best Quality and high alkalinity organic Sea Moss there.